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What’s The Big Deal with Micro-Neighbourhoods?

What’s The Big Deal with Micro-Neighbourhoods?

The concept of micro-neighbourhoods is rising in popularity; with more and more people seek to celebrate their fierce loyalty to what makes the few blocks where they live unique and special, as compared to neighbouring blocks.

So what is the appeal of micro-neighbourhoods? For starters, big districts lack distinction. The deeper you go into a neighbourhood, the more you see how one street or block differs from the next, and the character of each is revealed. In property, retailers, potential developers and home owners are all looking for the right zone within a suburb or city. Micro-neighbourhoods can help you identify a unique area that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

As the popularity of a particular micro-neighbourhood increases, the streets are rediscovered and those blocks or streets take on the identity of the overarching characteristic that make them unique. With that comes the opportunity to affectionately name these small pockets of development, e.g. the restaurant corridor of West 4th Street in New York, USA is commonly referred to as “Westbeth”.

Another reason micro-neighbourhoods have become so appealing is because they have the potential to unite neighbourhoods. Those who are invested in a particular area – including customers, businesses and property owners – can become fiercely loyal of about what their little neighbourhood offers, thereby bringing people together toward the common goal of maintaining that edge.

Right on trend, Accra is home to an award-winning property development that was conceptualised as a micro-neighbourhood. Phoenix Villas, located in the suburb of East Legon, Accra, is a self-sufficient, tranquil residential oasis in an urban context.

The development features a central pedestrian spine that meanders through the development, with regular pause areas laid out along the way. The path links all the neighbourhood’s amenities and social activities.

The clubhouse boasts a wide collection of facilities, including full-time management, a games room, a fitness centre and an entertainment room. All these are surrounded by a large swimming pool on the one side and a state-of-the-art children’s play area on the other side.

The cluster homes are practically designed to incorporate three- and four-bedrooms, each with its own private gardens and patios, plus domestic quarters.

If you would like to get in on the micro-neighbourhood trend and celebrate something unique, contact Mobus Property today for information on Phoenix Villas.

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