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Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency in Winter

Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency in Winter

When autumn leaves begin to fall, it’s time to take a look at your apartment and start planning on how you can boost your energy-efficiency in the coming cold months. You will be surprised at how easy some of the following steps are and yet how effective they can be when it comes to saving energy.

Here are our top tips on saving energy and keeping warm this winter:

Make sure your windows close properly. Even the smallest gap and let out a lot of heat and let in a freezing draft.

Speaking of windows, make sure you have thick curtains or drapes to close, especially at night. This extra layer between you and the elements makes a big difference. If it gets really cold, consider keeping this insulating layer closed during the day too in order to keep the heat inside.

Move your furniture away from the windows – while it’s tempting to sit in the sunlight, you are exposing yourself to the cooler part of the room as heat will inevitable be lost where the least insulation is, namely the glass window panes.

Use a humidifier to keep the air moist – this will not only prevent the air from getting too dry but can also make a tangible difference in the air temperature.

Use furniture as extra insulation: a bookshelf or cupboard against a wall adds an extra layer of insulation between you and the cold outside. Other items that can also do double duty as décor include tapestries, paintings and mirrors.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs throughout the house and don’t leave lights switched on in empty rooms. The same goes for large appliances – even if they aren’t being used, they are still drawing power as long as they are plugged in. Use a multiplug with separate on-off switches to regulate power and save energy when the appliances are not in use!

Insulate your geyser by wrapping it in an insulating jacket – you can save up to 10% of your household energy consumption, which is quite a lot! Be careful of switching off your geyser to save power as it is a minimal saving and it can harm certain makes of geyser.

This winter, snuggle down in your home knowing that by simply following our easy steps, you can keep temperatures up and energy use down.

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