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The Upside to Single-Storey Living

The Upside to Single-Storey Living

Living in a single-storey townhouse has a number of positive aspects that potential property owners seldom consider when looking for a new home.

Modern culture has led us to believe that bigger is better. However, when it comes to accommodation this isn’t always true. Here are a number of reasons why a single-storey townhouse at Richfield Lifestyle Estate could be your best property purchase yet.

More flexibility – Single-storey townhouses offer more flexibility as the combined space from the living and dining areas can serve multiple functions. This also means you can spruce up your space with interior design that helps enhance the comfortable cosy nature of your open-plan setup.

Increased efficiency – Single-storey homes are cosier, making them much easier to heat. This equates to less money spent on electricity for heating and lighting. Richfield Lifestyle Estate takes saving money a step further by offering low-energy lighting.

Better mobility – Single-storey townhouses are ideal for families with elderly members or young children, as there are no stairs to navigate. This allows everyone access to all areas of the home, increasing self-sufficiency and comfort.

Value for money – If you’re looking to get value for money with your next property purchase, a single-storey townhouse can offer just that. These units are often less expensive to build than their multi-storey counterparts, which means you save. They’re also easier to maintain, so the savings will continue well past the purchase price.

If you’re ready to step into a single-storey paradise packed with the latest amenities and designed to use all available space to create a gorgeous, yet functional home, contact Mobus Property or visit www.richfieldlifestyle.com for more information on these and other properties.

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