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Townhouse Design and Décor Trends – Part 2

Townhouse Design and Décor Trends – Part 2

Since they appeared on the property scene luxury townhouses have always embodied style like no other property and in a lot of ways set the bar for many modern single-family home designs.

Good quality architecture and classic design are two things that never go out of style regardless of the overall look and feel of the townhouse but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any specific design and decor trends that are taking the townhouse world by storm.

Modern townhouse design and décor trends are always changing but to make sure your new abode at Richfield Lifestyle Estate hits the mark every time we’ve compiled a two-part list of current trends in townhouse design and décor.

Elegant bedroom
More homeowners are “waking up” to the benefits of creating a sacred luxury space to sleep in. Elegance can have a very personal interpretation but one thing is for sure it is all about sophistication and beauty. The best way to achieve this look is to keep your bedroom clutter free and select décor items that speak to your personal style in a subtle soothing way.

Spa-like bathroom
The bathroom is the new focal point of luxury in most modern townhouses. Although they are not as grand and spacious as those found in luxury single-family homes, they’re packed with just as many luxurious spa-like features. From massage shower heads to spa baths and bidets, modern townhouses are equipped with all the facilities to give you a truly luxurious experience. You can add to this by incorporating luxury décor items into your bathroom as well.

Relaxing outdoor retreats
The outdoor patio area of today’s townhouse has been transformed into a relaxing retreat. More care is being taken in sourcing outdoor décor pieces that are comfortable and express the homeowners personal style. Elements like interesting pillows, cushions, artwork and lighting are all being used to transform this space. We’re seeing the inclusion of elements like fences, pergolas, half-walls and landscape plantings as part of creating a secluded spot to relax that is safe from the prying eyes of neighbours.

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