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Townhouse Design and Décor Trends – Part 1

Townhouse Design and Décor Trends – Part 1

Since they appeared on the property scene luxury townhouses have always embodied style like no other property and in a lot of ways set the bar for many modern single-family home designs.

Good quality architecture and classic design are two things that never go out of style regardless of the overall look and feel of the townhouse but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any specific design and decor trends that are taking the townhouse world by storm.

Modern townhouse design and décor trends are always changing but to make sure your new abode at Richfield Lifestyle Estate hits the mark every time we’ve compiled a two-part list of current trends in townhouse design and décor.

Artistic living room
People are moving away from the trend of prim and proper homes where everything is bland and “matchy-matchy”. Thank goodness because perfect vacuum sealed homes have no character, a living room is for living after all which is why more people are adding artistic flair to the space. You can inject energy into your living room by incorporating paintings, figurines, pillows and flowers with colourful textures.

The eclectic kitchen
Mixed materials are making their way into luxury kitchens around the world. This year homeowners are swapping the perfect polished look for a more eclectic vibe. They are turning to a variety of opposing styles to create a truly personalised space. This of course doesn’t mean randomly throwing things together and hoping they work. Going eclectic means combining colours, textures and styles that work well together that speak to your personal taste.

Whimsical dining room
Sit down family meals have made a comeback and homeowners are opting to keep their dining rooms as dining rooms rather than converting them into office space, media rooms etc. More modern townhouses are sporting a whimsical look in their dining room thanks to statement lighting and elements like centre pieces.

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