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Top Touch-Ups for Your Home

Top Touch-Ups for Your Home

Just adding a few design details will make living easier and increase the value of your property. We look at some easy ways you can add touch-ups to your home and enjoy life more!

Replace your kitchen cupboards with big drawers. No longer do you need to crouch down and look for pots, pans and groceries in the deep dark recesses of the swing-door cupboard – simply pull out the drawer to find what you need.

Add soft-close hinges to your drawers – this easy touch-up means no more slamming drawers (pet peeve alert!) plus the stuff inside the drawer remains organised and whole.

Adding under-cabinet LED lighting can make a world of difference in your kitchen. Not only does it look great and adds a touch of elegance, it’s also useful when you need to work on the counter and need light.

Add a backsplash to add that something special to your kitchen – choose something that is neutral yet striking, e.g. a special texture or type of tile. This quick touch-up also makes it easier to clean and shows off the under-cabinet lighting.

Install dimmer switches – dimmer switches allow you to determine how bright you want the room to be lit, which means you can dim lights to create a more intimate atmosphere or dial it up if your need strong light.

Change the light-fittings to touch up the wow factor of your home – a new light fitting makes a world of difference and will brighten up any room.

Installing motion-activated lights at your outside doors means that not only will you never struggle to find the right key in the dark again; it’s also a touch up of the safety of your home as it can scare off intruders.

An automatic sprinkler system is a clever way ensures that your plants are watered regularly and not only when you remember. In times of drought, or in months when less water is needed, you can simply adjust the flow and the timer.

With just a few quick and easy touch-ups, you can add value to your home as well as your life.

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