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Top 8 African Property Apps – Part 2

Top 8 African Property Apps – Part 2

There’s an app for almost everything these days and if one doesn’t exist chances are there are a number of prototypes in development. The property market, and those who play in it, are enjoying the benefits of the range of property apps currently available.

In many parts of the African continent apps have become a key component of the real estate sector due to the increased use and penetration of mobile phones and internet. These 8 apps have made it possible to search, buy or rent real estate across the continent.

Ekaya was founded by Justin R. Melville (CEO), Ruark Ferreira (COO) and Rudolf Vavruch (CTO). The platform is aimed specifically at the rental market and is a simple and secure way for property owners to find great tenants and for tenants to find great properties with quality landlords. Users can access the platform via mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

BuyRentKenya was launched in 2012 by Jamie Pujaraand and Nicolas Adamjee and is one of Kenya’s biggest online property sites in both revenue and listings. It sends email alerts to a user’s ideal properties based on their searches and delivered right to their inbox. It also offers international listing and visitors from over 50 countries across the globe can buy and rent property in Kenya through domestic portals in their countries.

The MarketShare app is designed specifically for estate agents. It offers them a saes and database management system and helps manage buyers and seller’s data. It also provides sellers with quotations and other financial advice to help make the best transactions. The platform uses Google Maps and Street View to allow users the best access to view the properties.

ToLet.co.ng was founded by Ayeni Oluwaseyi, Eludire Oladapo, Ogundipe Fikayo and Balogun Sulaiman. It provides a rentals platform for people in Lagos, Nigeria. The platform allows you to scroll through properties based on type, location, and budget and book inspections with a click of button. has representatives who physically meet interested tenants and buyers to conduct inspections at the different property locations.

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