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Top 3 Beaches to Visit in Ghana

Top 3 Beaches to Visit in Ghana

For the past years, Ghana has been one of the fastest-growing African countries both economically and politically. It has also seen an increase in foreign investments in its property sector.

However, many other aspects of the country make it a great tourism destination. Its nightlife, cosmopolitan cities and natural attractions are sure to drive visitors to the country.

Among its natural features to be enjoyed is the beautiful West African coastline. If you are looking for a good holiday spot or looking for a property close to the seaside, read on to find out more about the best of Ghana’s beautiful beaches.

Labadi Beach

Located on the western-most point of Accra, Labadi Beach offers three kilometres of gorgeous coastline with many activities and attractions to take advantage of. This beach is blessed with strong winds making it perfect for beach sports such as football, volleyball and Frisbee.

While you are required to pay a small fee to enter the beach, it also has facilities such as showers and changing rooms, restaurants, snack bars and more for you to enjoy. Performers, acrobats and musicians often perform at the beach as well.

Ada Beach

Ada Beach can be found about 100km away from Accra, at the estuary of the River Volta. Its picturesque sandy beaches have become the nesting grounds for many seabirds. You may also be able to find rare and endangered turtle species at this beach.

For the adventurous souls, water-skiing, yachting and fishing can be undertaken from the nearby marina. While this beach has a lot to offer, it does not get many visitors thereby ensuring a bit of privacy for you.

Kokrobite Beach

If you like good music and a good party, head to Kokrobite Beach about 27km away from Accra. With its more tropical weather and cool breezes, sunbathing is a must. When the sun goes down, the beach is transformed into a party paradise. Dancing, singing and reggae beats can be found at this funky beach.

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