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Three of the Best Wall Trends Alerts

Three of the Best Wall Trends Alerts

Wall decorating ideas are a dime a dozen. You do not need to look very far to achieve that impressive modern and edgy look.

Take it up a notch and make a bold statement with these latest wall trends.

Textured and Realistic Wallpapers

The latest wallpaper styles are mind-blowing and textured to mimic anything from distressed timber panels and aged bricks to geometric, padded, braided and woven effects.

Think about textures like leather, metallics, marble, wood and glass beading, or photo-real prints like exotic animal skins, and you get the picture.

Decorate your walls with three-dimensional patterns and striking stylised imagery for a modern and impressive take on the classic wallpaper. The more realistic it looks, the better!

Wallpapers add a rich layer of focus and personality to any room. Play with the latest trends and patterns and express your individuality the best you can.

Mixed Wall Cladding

Introduce a brilliant mix of natural and industrial materials through wall cladding for both exterior and interior use.

Surprising elements like cork, bamboo or glass give extra flair to the contemporary aesthetic of wall cladding. Natural stone is still trending.

Use two or more cladding materials to create a unique fashionable look and add visual interest to your home.

If you opt for only one striking cladding element, you can still add interest with different colours of the same material. Go for different shades from the same colour palette (a play on light and dark) or choose opposites on the colour spectrum.

Contrasting Tile Grouting

Who doesn’t love the look of modern subway tiles and that beautiful, glossy finish?

Subway and decorative tiles remain the popular choice for bathrooms and kitchen walls, and the latest trends indicate beautiful decorative splashbacks and, believe it or not, contrasting grouting.

Achieve a striking look by opting for a dark grouting instead of the usual crisp white, beige or grey. Choose black grouting for crisp white tiles for a monochrome and edgy finish.

If you love playing with colour and contrast, try bright grouting in neon primary colours. Your bold style statement will not be forgotten anytime soon!

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