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Things to Consider When Inspecting a Potential New Home

Things to Consider When Inspecting a Potential New Home

If you’re in the market for a new home, there are a number of important things, internally and externally, you should consider when inspecting your potential abode to make sure that you’re getting the best investment for your money.

We’ve compiled a checklist of questions you should ask yourself when inspecting a potential property.

External inspections
• How old is the house? This question will help you understand the condition of the house structurally and date the age of the property for depreciation.
• What is the shape of the land? Is the land steep or uneven? If so, it may affect your ability to enjoy the land or develop more further down the line.
• Of what is the house made? Materials can affect the value of a property, so you are looking for a property with good quality materials that are easy to maintain and will stand the test of time?
• Are there any obvious structural issues? Make sure you conduct a thorough building and pest inspection before you move in and learn to recognise the bigger warning signs that should make you steer clear of a property, e.g. a crack greater than 5 mm in the brick wall.

Internal inspections
• What is the design of the floor plan and does it work? Is the property designed in the most practical and efficient way?
• What is the condition of the interior features? The condition of the walls and paint, whether or not windows open and close easily, and the condition of the doors and ceiling are all key features of any home. If any of these are of poor quality, it affects the value of your property and your comfort level.
• What is the condition of the flooring? Flooring is an important aspect of any property; good quality flooring that is easy to maintain is a must in your new home.
• What is the condition of the kitchen and bathroom? These are some of the most used areas in a house and as such need to be updated, modern and functional.

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