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The Top 5 Fastest Growing Countries for International Investors

The Top 5 Fastest Growing Countries for International Investors

#1. Ghana

We have spoken extensively with several people from Ghana and who have invested energy in Ghana, and the decision is crystal clear: investment is in. Ghana is expected to enjoy 32.7% capital development throughout the following five years.

Ghana is a standout amongst the most free market economies in Africa, scoring even somewhat higher scores than Panama on the Economic Freedom Index. In fact most investors look at Ghana, Rwanda, and Botswana as the three most energizing economies in Africa.

Foreign property ownership in Ghana is allowed, and real estate costs are still rather reasonable. Contrasted with a few other African nations where $1 million gets you a poorly developed mansion, Ghana real estate is available for as little as $50,000, even as a developing stream of US and European expats are entering the country to take advantage of it opportunities.

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For a country widely acknowledged to have moved from low-income to lower middle-income status (according to World Bank classifications), Ghana is turning into the go-to investment destination and a springboard for investors from all over the world, seeking a safe haven to put their investment dollars on the African continent. If this trend continues, the confidence, peace and tranquility Ghana has chalked over the years should bring in more investment dollars, some of which should trickle into the real estate sector.


#2. Panama

Panama positions third on the Global Property Guide list with their analysts expecting 36% development in the following five years.

Panama is one of the top expat venture destinations, and in light of current circumstances. Property rights are solid, the area is anything but difficult to get to, and Panama is the standout amongst the most free-market nations in Latin America.

For investors, Panama is a place of refuge, as well as a safe house for returns. Yields on private property are as high as 10%, making them among the most highest in the “safe” world. Capital gains tax rates are moderately low regardless of the possibility that property expenses are somewhat forceful.

For North American expats hoping to build up a protected land speculation abroad, Panama bodes well. One strategy would be to purchase a home now and appreciate years of yield before utilizing the property to meet all requirements for second residency.


#3. Uruguay

Positioned ninth on the rundown with expected 26.7% capital development, Uruguay is another expat-accommodating destination and an investment safe haven in South America. Uruguay is a standout amongst the most free economies in Latin America.

Uruguay offers a ton of advantages to real estate investors: yields are better than average at 7%, income and capital gains taxes are moderately low at 12%, and courts are pro-landlord. Uruguay has done a great job holding on in the middle of a global recession.

Montevideo is the picked speculation spot of most expats considering that it’s a profoundly liveable city, as well as the best place to appreciate significant returns. While Uruguay isn’t as teeming with expats as Costa Rica seems to be, there are a great deal of foreigners there leasing property. Other South Americans purchase property there, particularly along the coasts, while US and Europeans will probably lease.

In the interim, costs for Uruguay as a whole were up by high signle digits under the last data available after several years of dwindling supply and slow housing starts. The greatest test with Uruguay is high transaction costs of around 8%.

#4. Indonesia

Indonesia feels like a far less developed rendition of Malaysia. Here in Kuala Lumpur, individuals line up in a precise manner, though Jakarta is pure chaos. That said, there are similarities between the neighbouring nations in that both have endured a currency devaluation.

Current 1 UD dollar gets you 14,700 Indonesian rupees, and the direction does not look great. On the off chance that you can get settled with a specific exchange rate, Indonesia is not a bad country to look into.

While Indonesia has various moderately complex laws with respect to foreign property ownership, foreigners can own condos and in some profoundly bureaucratic cases “landed property” (otherwise called a “house”).

The big thing to consider in nations such as Indonesia is that local people with any means at all tend to doubt their cash in a big way; they’d be insane not to. While US dollar possessions are popular, Asians love investing into real estate and as a safer option to banks and currencies they see as weak.

In that way, property costs have gone up, regardless of the fact that inflation has eaten up a percentage of the feature rates. Indonesia is a precarious spot to contribute and would require caution as such. Notwithstanding, for the investor who wants to take advantage of the slumping currency, there are opportunities.

#5. Cambodia

If you going to invest in Asian real estate, invest in Cambodia. The reason is simple: costs are low and the potential is huge. Worldwide Property Guide recommends 21% capital growth in the mid-term, yet this is one situation where we think they might be somewhat conservative for the average retail investor.

Presently, we don’t anticipate that Cambodia will be a top investors pick forver. For the present, nonetheless, you can buy a decent-sized apartment in the downtown area for as little as $40,000.

Rental yields in Cambodia are good keeping in mind the nation is a long way from formal as far as property deals, there are a couple companies there that are reliable and truly know their stuff. The side advantage of investing into Cambodia is that the government basically leaves you alone.