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The Rise of Self-Sufficient Housing Developments

The Rise of Self-Sufficient Housing Developments

Demand for housing in Nigeria is at an all-time high as a result of a large housing deficit. The real estate sector is booming with new ready-to-live in housing developments popping up all over the place but in order to get into a good development, prospective homeowners will have to act quickly.

The trend towards ready-to-live in homes is growing rapidly in Nigeria thanks to a rising number of the population who have no time to deal with the stress of having to build a house from scratch. Another major reason is the homecoming revolution wave sweeping across Africa.

Many Africans who have studied, worked and lived abroad are now coming back home to start a new life, a relatively large population of them have slim or no links to family or friends and even if they do, they do not want to risk the move of having a relative or friend help handle their home projects only to come home to find out nothing was being built.

In addition to the trend of ready-to-live in homes, entire “towns” are being constructed and incorporated into these new housing developments. The River Park Housing Estate is one example of an all-encompassing development, designed to function as a self-sufficient community.  The estate is a mixed-use urban development that offers an integrated mix of houses, flats, commercial and leisure spaces.

The development is spread over 478 hectares of land between Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport and the Abuja Metropolis area. The airport is a quick 20-minute drive and the central business district is a mere 15 minutes away but with all the amenities in this development you may not need to drive out to the city as often as you would imagine.

The housing options include 3 bedroom semi-detached homes, 3 and 4 bedroom semi-detached duplexes, 2 and 3 bedroom flats, 3 bedroom terraced duplex and 3 and 5 bedroom duplexes. The development is well equipped with amenities and includes clinics, police posts, recreation parks, worship centres, shopping centres and fitness and entertainment centres among other things.

The development also features basic services including, electricity, street lights, central water supply, designated public waste areas and an asphalt surface road network with fitting drainage system and side walk.

If you’re in the market for a ready-to-live or carcass stage home in Nigeria, contact Mobus today for more information on the world-class River Park Housing Estate development.

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