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Stylish and Practical Storage Solutions for Every Room

Stylish and Practical Storage Solutions for Every Room

What is not to love about compact and clever storage with slick contemporary design? From the living room to the bedroom, the latest storage solutions combine functionality with design to give the best of both worlds.

Think of multi-purpose furniture

A multifunctional unit with slim drawers, pull-out baskets, and built-in storage compartments is highly practical in any room and can double as a dresser, sideboard, cabinet or study. Wall units and cabinets can be a classy and practical mix of storage and display units.

Add handcrafted details and vintage appeal

Achieve beautifully crafted functionality and give your room a vintage appeal with a practical dresser or a locker cabinet that meet your storage needs. Invest in a glass-door sideboard locker to display your curated object collections, art pieces, dinnerware and glassware.

Choose effortless modular displays

Modular shelving systems composed of square and rectangular elements, as in bookshelves and display units, showcase plenty of opportunities for organisation and display while adding personal style to your interior.

Embrace the eclectic look

Storage that performs multiple functions adds to the eclecticism and personality of your space. Minimal display units can become a clever alternative to drawers, while different types of glass designs can be used to add interest and even privacy to storage.

Be mindful of your space

Open and transparent shelving units work best with well-curated items to keep the space clean and organised. Vary the size and height of items on display for visual interest and use larger and heavier items to anchor the lower shelves, keeping smaller items on top.

Invest in practical drawers

Drawers are a more practical solution than shelved cabinets, especially in a small space, and provide easy access to stored items and essentials in kitchens, bathrooms and walk-in closets. Deep drawers with tray organisers, inner dividers, pull-trays or swing-out trays and hidden shelves are sleek yet effective storage solutions.

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