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How to Style Exposed Interior Brick

How to Style Exposed Interior Brick

Bricks work with all sorts of colour schemes and design styles. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, this basic building material can be laid in a vast array of patterns. It’s no surprise then that bricks can lend their versatility to both exterior and interior design.

Look to brick for inspiration when it comes to your home décor renovations. Go back to basics with this versatile element and create a stylish exposed brick result.

Add Some Old-world Charm

Use the age-old appeal bricks have conveyed since historical times to your advantage. Emphasise the charm of exposed brick by adding patches of plaster to the brick walls and using distressed paint techniques.

Add antique furniture to evoke a sense of stepping back in time. Choose a darker wood to insert warmth into your decorating scheme and opt for fabrics and décor that compliment deep brick tones. Rich jewel colours and accessories keep the look contemporary.

Complete a Modern Look

The versatility of bricks can make lend both old-world charm and modern charm to your room. If you want the latter effect, get the modern look by pairing rough, textured bricks with sleek and smooth surfaces.

Also, painting unplastered brick gives a canvas effect, while contemporary furniture and reflective pieces such as mirrors are ideal to achieve this contemporary look. Bright pops of colour and patterns keep things fun and interesting.

Follow the Industrial Trend

Bricks can effortlessly blend in a modern-day industrial décor, which proves to be a popular option among interior designers for its pared-down aesthetic and raw effect. Exposed brick or concrete, stripped wood and metallic touches create an industrial mood.

Style your industrial look by leaving the rough texture of the exposed bricks or painting with a neutral colour. Choose modern accents of glass, steel or copper for the furniture. Add plants and greenery to bring nature indoors and create a liveable and harmonious space.

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