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Spice Up a Neutral Décor Scheme with Scatter Cushions

Spice Up a Neutral Décor Scheme with Scatter Cushions

It is no wonder scatter cushions are an interior decorator’s staple. Combining and arranging them is the easiest and most cost-effective way to spice up your neutral décor scheme.

Below are some tips to make the most of your décor using cushions.

Mix and Match Patterns

If your home has a neutral colour scheme, introducing colour with texture and pattern will add a vibrant effect. Try adding bold geometric and graphic prints with scatter cushions – the easiest and most versatile choice if you are not going to commit to a striking wallpaper.

Play with pattern on pattern, which is right on trend, and mix and match cushions of different shapes and sizes (square, rectangular) to add proportion and prevent the result from being too busy.

A mix of patterns is recommended for monochromatic décor schemes to break the monotony. Add cushions in popular patterns such as zigzag, chevron or stripes.

Use Colour Blocking

Plain bold colours look rich and vibrant on neutral sofas and chairs. Bring in jewel tones like emerald and cobalt by choosing cushion in blue, green, yellow and purple – the brighter, the better.

Depending on the colour scheme and the desired effect you want to achieve, create colour contrast by further pairing plain scatter cushions with pattern and textured options.

Go for the Glam Effect

Experiment with different textures. Velvet, satin, and metallic sheens on scatter cushions will add that timeless glamour. Opt for classic glam combos such as black and gold.

A monochrome black and white pairing will also look chic, as using dark navy, gold or rich emerald green. Mix and match plain scatters with more elaborate designs in stripes, geometric patterns, or bright and large floral designs.

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