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Spice Up Your Home with a Spice Garden

Spice Up Your Home with a Spice Garden

Indoor gardening has certainly taken of in recent years – it’s no longer simply enough to have the usual palms or ferns in pots around your apartment. You need something that is trendy, a great conversation starter, small enough to manage in an apartment and, of course, pretty as well.

Growing your own herb garden is a classic way of making an apartment seem cosy but trendy at the same time, but why not instead try growing your own spice garden? Herbs – traditionally more the green and leafy plants like rosemary, basil and mint – is easy to grow, hence the popularity. Yet spices are easy to grow, too, and is quite similar; they are also fragrant but usually other parts of the plant are used, e.g. bark, seeds or roots (think plants like cardamom, black pepper and ginger, not to mention chillies!).

Because spice plants like heat, they are the perfect indoor plant project for winter – plus you can use the fruits of your labour, so to speak, in soups and stews – and have bragging rights that your food is fresh and literally homegrown!

The kitchen is the perfect place to grow your spice garden, as you’ll get lots of light – natural and artificial – and it is nice and warm. And because the kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic, there is a smaller chance of no-one noticing that the plants have gone dry (they need to be watered regularly).

Some spices can grow quite tall, so we suggest you look at the following spices to grow indoors: chillies, saffron, turmeric, garlic, cardamom and ginger.

You’ll need medium-sized pots (we suggest pots that can fit on a windowsill) and fill them with organic potting soil. Remember to add a drip tray as the soil should drain well and you don’t want muddy water all over the place.

If you are growing the spice garden straight from seeds (very educational if you have kids), follow the instructions on the packet carefully. For seedlings, make a hole slightly bigger than the largest part of the root and place the plant in the hole. Fill with soil and pat down. Water immediately and then as per instructions.

In no time you’ll have a beautiful spice garden that will cheer up the room and add a splash of colour as well as a fresh, earthy fragrance. Not only will your home be healthy and on trend, you’ll also have beautiful homegrown décor that will turn the house into a home.

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