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Small Wonder: How to Make the Most of an Open-Plan Space

Small Wonder: How to Make the Most of an Open-Plan Space

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you need to have it all in the open, so to speak. We’ve collected some top tips you can use to make the most of your open-plan design.


The secret to create different living areas or mini-rooms in an open-plan design is to not lose the spaciousness of the open-plan design in the first place. Arrange your furniture as you would to create these different living areas – floating a couch can create a separation between the lounge area and a dining table or the kitchen, for example.

Create a flow of traffic

It might be one open-plan room but that doesn’t mean you and your guests shouldn’t have a logical “path” to follow as you walk through the apartment. Create pathways from one living area to the next that makes sense and doesn’t force you to squeeze between furniture or place obstacles in your way.

Use creative room dividers

If you need a room divider to add privacy, think creatively – use a curtain that you can push back when not needed and open the space again. A Chinese screen will also do the trick.

Let there be light

Try to let as much sunlight as possible into the room. Use lightweight, sheer curtains or blinds to ensure you don’t inadvertently block any light. If you don’t have large windows, add light using lamps and light fixtures. Each separate living area should have at least one of its own light sources.

Stay in neutral

Using a neutral colour scheme for the room will make it seem airier and create a sense of space. Individualise each separate living area with its own subtle décor detail, but at the same time make sure that there is a central theme running through the entire open-plan layout that creates flow, movement and therefore spaciousness.

Double duty

Choose furniture that has more than one function – use a sleeper couch as a spare bed; use a trunk as coffee table with space inside to store your stuff; use a bed with drawers underneath to store bulky clothing or linen.

An open-plan layout can stay spacious while at the same time be used to its full potential. By using the right furniture and arranging it in the right way, by choosing your décor carefully and by applying some basic principles you can make your living space seem bigger and more spacious.

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