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Small Apartment? Big Deal! Part 2

Small Apartment? Big Deal! Part 2

Living in an apartment has many great benefits, but at some point you might feel like your style is being cramped and that you need some space. We have some great ideas on how you can make the most of the space you have available to create a sense of space in your apartment.

Divide and conquer

Walls make spaces seem smaller, so opt for room dividers instead. Be creative and use rods, hanging chains, long vases or even potted plants. This creates separate living areas without making the open layout seem smaller.

Optical illusion

Use furniture, shelving or décor to draw the eye upward – this is a tried and tested way to create the illusion of space in smaller areas. Open shelving can double as extra storage space!

The low down

Another way to use optical illusion to create a sense of spaciousness is to use low-siting furniture, which automatically makes ceiling seem higher and the vertical space seem bigger.

Closet case

If a closet is simply going to take up too much space, or you simply don’t have enough space for a closet in the first place, consider hanging a rod from the ceiling and hanging your clothes on that – it adds the illusion of vertical space as it draws the eye upwards while at the same time solving your clothes dilemma!

Back to basics

Use simple lines and materials to creates a sense of the space being streamlined – by keeping the eye moving you create more space. Simple fabrics and materials for furniture and décor simplifies the overall visual effect, also adding to a sense of space.

Storage wars

Make sure you make use of even the most unlikely spaces to create storage – consider all the nooks and crannies of unused spaces. Be creative! A classic example would be under stairs and inside bench chairs.

Enter the light

Try to keep your window-to-wall ratio high and let as much light as possible in through your windows. Sheer curtain and blinds work best to make the room seem airy – and bigger.

Try these home hacks to create more space in your home and make your apartment feel bigger in the blink of an eye.

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