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Simple and Cost-Effective Home Updates for Green Living

Simple and Cost-Effective Home Updates for Green Living

As homeowners become more conscious of the effects of the climate change and the rising costs of services, water and energy saving solutions are the easiest and most cost-effective to implement at home.


Switch to top-quality LED fittings that last longer and use only a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs. Other ways to save on lighting energy is to install day/night sensors in your home to control the brightness according to the environment and to maximise natural light during the day. Consider solar lighting outdoors if you have a terrace and garden.


Purchase only energy-efficient appliances (rated A+ or A-) and replace your existing appliances – washing machine, dishwasher, and fridge – with low-energy options. Choose a washing machine or dishwasher that uses less water and less energy for water heating. In the kitchen, consider upgrading your cooking area to an induction or gas stove.


In the bathroom and kitchen, reduce the water flow with low-flow shower heads, taps for basins and prep bowls. Reduce the amount of water to maximum of 8 litres per minute for showerheads to gain both water savings and performance, and 10 litres per minute for basin taps. Also, install dual flush toilets to reduce and halve the flush water quantity.


Insulate all geysers, and consider a geyser timer to automatically plan your hot water usage to ensure water and energy savings. Another idea is to install under-counter boilers and geysers in the kitchen and shower to reduce the distance the water travels. The further water travels to the endpoint, the more water and energy are wasted in the process. Geysers usually consume over half of your energy bill, and replacing them with a heat pump solution could reduce this amount and cut electricity costs substantially.

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