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Seven Smart Ways to Create Multiple Living Areas

Seven Smart Ways to Create Multiple Living Areas

Living in an open-plan apartment with its open spaces is great, but sometimes you need an area or two that’s private. There will always be a need for multiple living areas and while building walls obviously isn’t an option (you chose an open-plan apartment for a reason) you can create separate areas or private corners with the following tips.

Firstly, you need to decide why you need a divider: do you need a quieter area with fewer distractions for a study, or do you not like the fridge being the first thing you see in the morning when you open your eyes? Perhaps you would like some privacy between the bedroom area and the lounge? Your needs will determine the divider you choose.


Make every centimetre count by using a curtain as a divider – not only does it barely take up any space; it also forms part of your décor and can make an interesting set piece.


Use either set piece standing lamps or hanging ceiling lamps to create a separate space without a set divider. The living space still feels roomy while you create a subtle divide between say the kitchen and the lounge area.


Bookshelves make excellent dividers as they also provide storage space. If you decide upon a backless bookshelf, you get the added effect of more space as it isn’t a solid divider.


Plants make for excellent décor and also brightens up your living space. They release oxygen that creates a healthy environment and makes very pretty yet subtle dividers – simply get a few large pots with plants according to the foliage and height you need.

Floating closet

Since you need a place to hang your clothes anyway, why not use a floating closet to create some privacy? It’s simple to make and doubles up as storage space. All you need is a rod and something with which to hang it from the ceiling and you have an instant, eclectic divider!

Bar cart

If you’ve always loved the idea of a kitchen island but lack the space for it, a bar cart is an excellent way of getting your way while at the same time creating a divider to set the kitchen apart – plus it provides extra storage space and is one of the trendiest must-have pieces of furniture at the moment!

A projector screen

Don’t limit yourself to having your TV against the wall – by using a retractable projector screen you create an instant divider that separates your TV/lounge area. As a bonus, you can move your couches against the wall instead of having it float in the centre of the room.

The best thing about having your own place is that it’s yours to decorate and arrange as you please. Whether you have an open-plan studio apartment or your living area (lounge, dining room, kitchen) is open-plan, dividers can help you to create the space you want.

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