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Setting up Your Home Bar

Setting up Your Home Bar

Having your own home comes with the possibility of entertaining friends, family and colleagues. Hosting parties, baby showers or even celebrating holidays with family can be both exciting and tiring. Lugging around food and drinks from kitchen to entertainment area can be a hassle.

A new entertainment centre/home bar area can solve that problem. You can have all your drinks in one place, have an area for snacks and show off your bartending and cocktail making skills.

So what exactly do you need in your very own home bar?

Firstly, determine how much space you have and how big you want your bar to be. It can range from a simple two- or three-level bar cart to an entire room dedicated to this purpose.

Now, get your tools ready.


Whether you’re serving whisky, wine or mixed cocktails, having the correct glasses for each drink can add some sophistication to your event. Don’t serve all drinks in the same type of glass. For one, it ruins the effect, and you can end up having too much or too little alcohol.

Ice trays

Keep ice cubes ready and available for guests who want to add them to their drinks. There’s nothing worse than getting an order “on the rocks” and having no rocks to go with it.


Of course, you’ll need a fridge to make ice cubes and to keep your beers chilled.

Mixing glasses and shakers

Impress your guests with your ability to add to or more ingredients together and create a delicious looking (and tasting) drink. Show off some more with a stainless steel shaker and some skill behind the bar.

Spirits and mixers

You’re going to need a well-stocked bar to keep the alcohol flowing. Get the staples like rum, gin, whisky and vodka. Add some mixers like tonics and soda water, and you’re almost good to go.

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