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The Secret to Bedroom Décor Success – Part 3

The Secret to Bedroom Décor Success – Part 3

Good bedrooms vary tremendously in terms of style, colour and theme and what looks good in one room may not work well in another. So, what’s the secret to bedroom décor success that all great bedrooms share?

The reality is that all well styled bedrooms have the nine things in this three-part post in common.

Good quality bedding

Your bed is focal point of your bedroom so treat it as such and your whole space will look better. Investing in good quality bedding that works well with your colour scheme doesn’t only look good it also feels good and will last much longer. Faded bedding, stained sheets and cheap looking comforters are a no-no.


Whether you opt for an ottoman, chair or bench you need somewhere to sit down in your room other than the edge of your bed. Every time you sit at the edge of your bed whether it’s to talk on the phone or put on your shoes you place pressure on that side of the bed that could damage your mattress in the long run. You also don’t want to disturb your bed once it’s made so invest in some seating. Think talking on your phone or putting shoes.


Plants are a must have in any bedroom for several reasons. Not only do they look good and add an organic contrast and detail but they’ll help remove impurities from the air. Whether you decide to go big or small throw a potted plant into your room and you’ll be that much closer to bedroom décor success.

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