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The Secret to Bedroom Décor Success – Part 2

The Secret to Bedroom Décor Success – Part 2

Good bedrooms vary tremendously in terms of style, colour and theme and what looks good in one room may not work well in another. So, what’s the secret to bedroom décor success that all great bedrooms share?

The reality is that all well styled bedrooms have the nine things in this three-part post in common.

Proper scale

Ensure that you furnish your bedding with pieces that make sense for the size of your room. If your bedroom is on the smaller side avoid oversized furnishings and similarly if you have a large bedroom fill it out with larger pieces of furniture instead of small pieces that will leave most of the space unused.

Enough light

A warm inviting bedroom is always well-lit. Do your best to create a balance of natural and artificial light wherever possible and ensure that you have at least three different sources of light around the room. Aim for one at the bedside, one on a diagonal across the toom and a source of light from the ceiling.

A colour scheme

All well decorated bedrooms have a colour scheme. You may choose to use a palette with a few colours or something across the full spectrum of the palette but everything in your room should be tied together with your colour scheme. If all else fails, use the designers 60:30:10 rule. This involves using a dominant colour on 60% of your room which would include the walls, floors and large furniture items, a secondary colour on 30% of your room which would include bedding, curtains and small furnishings, and an accent colour on the remaining 10%.

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