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The Secret to Bedroom Décor Success – Part 1

The Secret to Bedroom Décor Success – Part 1

Good bedrooms vary tremendously in terms of style, colour and theme and what looks good in one room may not work well in another. So, what’s the secret to bedroom décor success that all great bedrooms share?

The reality is that all well styled bedrooms have the nine things in this three-part post in common.

Clean Appearance

Before we even venture any further it is important to note that all great bedrooms, even the humblest of them, are well kept and clean. Your bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary which won’t happen if it is not cared for and appreciated.  Wash your bedding and carpets (if you have any) regularly and dust up dressers, chairs and any other furniture items you have in your bedroom.


No matter how beautiful your colour scheme is and how luxurious your bedding if your room is disorganised your décor will never work and it will never feel like the tranquil sanctuary its meant to be. If you have an item in your room that has become the dumping spot move it around or move it out of your room altogether to remove the temptation to dump clothing and other items there. Take time out to organise your room put everything in its rightful place and keep it like that.


No bedroom decor is complete without a little personality. The bedrooms in magazines and department stores are very beautiful but trying to replicate that without adding any personal flair will leave your room feeling very lifeless and generic. Don’t be afraid to mix up textures and colours or add in accessories that say this space is mine.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more tips for decorating your bedroom like a pro.

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