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Savvy Storage Tips for Small Space Living

Savvy Storage Tips for Small Space Living

Living in a smaller space doesn’t have to be limiting for those who enjoy having all the comforts a larger home provides. Space for storage is often a major selling point in real estate, but in a world where development space is running out and luxury homes are getting smaller, being clued up on savvy storage techniques can make sure you don’t turn down that luxury apartment because you don’t think there is adequate storage space.

Get rid of all the clutter
The first tip to savvy storage in smaller spaces is getting rid of anything you don’t need. It is human nature to accumulate stuff as you go through life, but you should live your life by the rule that for everything new that comes into your space, something old goes out. This method will keep your home clutter free and ensure that anything you no longer use or need is not taking up much needed storage space.

Invest in functional furniture
The best way to maximise storage space is to invest in furniture that has more than one function. Look out for stylish ottomans, desks and chairs that open up to reveal storage space inside. Functional furniture items like these could double the amount of storage space you have available.

Get to know the beauty of baskets
Baskets are a stylish storage accessory that you should manipulate to the best of your ability. They are great for optimising shelves by simply slotting them in along the length of the shelf as drawers that hide all your goodies. Using them often means you can get so much more into a particular space.

Invest in bed risers
Bed risers are supports that elevate your bed. Investing in bed risers is a great way to free up some additional storage space under your bed. Once you have your bed risers in place, contemporary under-bed storage boxes will help keep everything stylish and in order down there.

Now that you’re armed with innovative ideas to make the most of apartment living, contact Mobus today for more information on our luxury apartment offering at Knight Court.

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