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Renovation Ideas that Make A Difference

Renovation Ideas that Make A Difference

It is not always easy to balance renovations that improve quality of life and add charm with those who add value to a property and increase its value. Here are a few renovation ideas that will always have a timeless appeal and be a good investment.

Entertaining Area

Homeowners love an attractive, entertaining area with easy flow between inside and the outside patio and garden. This area should have an all year round appeal for relaxation or socialising, no matter the weather, and be easy accessible from the living room.

A covered area with practical seating arrangements, or a bar counter that makes an effortless transition between cooking and entertaining, are good choices to improve the space. A modern splash pool integrated into the entertaining area is also a great add-on.


Kitchens are perhaps the main attraction of property, and the open-plan kitchen setup is still favoured today. A smart kitchen revival is more affordable than a complete renovation and worth the investment.

Make a visible change by installing modern countertops, painting cupboards, tiles or flooring, and pay special attention to lighting by bringing more light. Finally, position cooking appliances and devices as to allow the easy interaction with family or friends.


Small, but effective changes can be easily done to renovate bathrooms. Rethink water usage with a water and energy-efficient shower head, or upgrade to a more water-efficient toilet.

A larger shower or wet room is money well spent. Shower rooms are now on trend, practical and water-wise, irrespective of their size. Extra bedrooms and storage spaces can be transformed or re-designed as an en-suite shower and spa room, adding more desirability.

Green and Sustainable Features

Sustainability is becoming the norm, and it adds to the saleability of a property. The benefits of greening your home are long-term. Consider installing solar panels, integrating greywater and rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-saving lighting and technology.

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