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The Pros of Living in a Lifestyle Estate

The Pros of Living in a Lifestyle Estate

Looking at the style of current residential property development, the trend is definitely towards smaller, more compact lifestyle estates. Having a large living space – home and garden – sounds attractive to most people, but there are also many less-enjoyable responsibilities that come with the larger space. The rising cost of living and the large increase in the need for living space has caused more and more people to choose to live in smaller homes, often in lifestyle estates.

The trend towards smaller homes holds many benefits, some of which you might not have thought before. Let’s see how choosing a smaller home can improve your life.

Nice and cosy: Smaller rooms mean that people live closer to each other, which creates more intimacy and allows them to get to know each other better.

More social: Your neighbours are close by and you can get to know them more easily, especially at communal amenities such as a recreational centre or communal pool.

Increased safety: You are less isolated from other people which means that there are always people nearby in case of emergency.

Save money: Because you have less space, you need to spend less money to fill it, maintain it and make it liveable.

Easier to clean: Fewer rooms mean that you spend less time on cleaning your home, freeing up time you can spend on the things you like.

Less hoarding: A smaller home has less space where you can accumulate stuff, so you learn to be more mindful of what you bring into the home.

Less maintenance: A smaller home will need less maintenance as there are fewer things that can break or get worn down.

Energy efficient: Because smaller houses have less space to heat in winter and cool in summer, you use less energy to do so.

Communal amenities: Living in an estate often comes with having access to sport and recreational facilities you might not have been able to afford on your own.

Facility management: You don’t have to worry about maintaining the facilities, your garden, the driveway – there are services that take care of that for you.

More time spent outdoors: In a full house, families are more likely to spend time outdoors, which is healthy.

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