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What to plant: 5 native western African flowers for your garden

What to plant: 5 native western African flowers for your garden

West Africa is awash with a wonderful diversity of beautiful native plants and flowers, stunning and brightly coloured. When planning your garden in Ghana and Nigeria, native flowers and plants are the ideal choice as they grow easily and do not damage the eco-system. Here is a selection of flowering plants that you can add to your garden:


Bright, with long-lasting colour, these plants have leaves that come in various shades. The plant is known to produce small curved flowers on occasion. Caladium plants bloom best in moist, well-drained soil. Over 1000 caladium cultivars are available, making it easy to find one to your liking. The bulbs have a delightful citrusy scent.


Mondia, also known as White’s ginger, is notable for large, heart-shaped leaves with clusters of yellow and purplish-red flowers. The plant is native to Ghana. Mondia plants need plenty of growing space. The plant has a medicinal use, as it is a common ingredient in traditional medicine, reputed to relieve digestion problems, stimulate appetite and alleviate gastrointestinal disorders. The blooms are short-lived, lasting only a few days. This plant is listed as endangered, which is another excellent reason to give it a go in your garden.

African tulip tree

This big semi-evergreen tree grows up to 18 metres tall and is also known as the African flame tree due to its distinctive trumpet-shaped red flowers. The African Tulip tree spreads quickly and can be difficult to remove. The African Tulip tree enjoys full sunshine and a lot of moisture.

Aerangis Biloba

Also known as the Two-lobed Aerangis, this orchid is an easy grower that blooms at altitudes up to 700m. This plant is hardy but grows best in a bright but shaded area. Small, white flowers grow in a star-like shape and are highly fragrant. This beautiful and delicate looking plant is a lovely addition to any garden.

Yellow trumpet

The national flower of Nigeria, the Costus Spectabilis, is commonly known as the yellow trumpet. The plant is comprised of four fleshy leaves, with yellow flowers. The flowers bloom and die quickly, but they are quickly replaced. This plant prefers shade and moist soil.

5 lovely plants to propagate in your garden: happy planting!

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