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Plan Your Dream Kitchen Space

Plan Your Dream Kitchen Space

Renovating or building your kitchen from scratch? Use these guidelines to create a space that works for you and plan the right setting for your family.

Optimise the Layout

A good flow in the kitchen is determined by how many people use the kitchen at one time. Create various work centres to optimise the flow based on the specific function of the work space: prep station, storage, pantry, scullery, cooking station, coffee station, island.

For example, think of a prep station and include the relevant storage nearby, such as veggie baskets and chopping boards. Plan the tea and coffee station by placing the kettle and the coffee machine and storing cups within easy reach of the guests. In the cooking station, arrange the pots and pans near the stove.

If you want to include a generous island, add a stovetop or a prep sink bowl. Islands provide additional work space while adding under-counter storage and allowing casual seating for guests to chat with the cooks.

Think Better Storage

Maximise the use of your storage space according to the work areas in the kitchen. Appliance storage and drawers are ideal for seldom-used items and appliances. Store everything that is not often used for cooking or entertaining.

Keep the coffee station items on display. Invest in good quality appliances for your display. To save space, think of ways to incorporate microwaves, convection ovens and coffee machines in a custom-designed vertical unit.

Add Some Casual Seating

If you love cooking and entertainment, devise your kitchen as a social hub and include casual seating for friends and family. Add a couple of stools at your central island to facilitate easy interaction.

Keep in mind that you may still need to plan a dining area. Where space allows, create a more formal, separate dining space in the proximity of the kitchen where you can accommodate a large table and extra seating.

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