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Personalise Your Space with the Artisan Look

Personalise Your Space with the Artisan Look

Unlike the mass-produced furniture or decorations, individually handcrafted pieces by artisans bring originality and personality to any interior space. Here is how to take advantage of the artisan trend.

Artisan crafts are versatile timeless, undefined by the different design style constraints. Artisan work doesn’t have to conform to the ‘shabby chic’ or ‘boho look.’

The new generation of handcrafted designs can be integrated into any interior style, from the rustic to the modern and contemporary, adding authenticity and character to space.

Handcrafted Finishing Touches

Artisanal looks can easily refresh your space and add nonconformist detail and flair. Revamp your rooms by embracing earthy and organic accents and a soft colour scheme.

Start with adding woven vases, chunky wooden objects and wicker baskets to your interior. Handmade mirror or picture frames can also liven up your décor.

Artisan Furnishings

Invest in one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that tell a story. Handcrafted items become ideal centrepieces and conversation starters for guests curious about their nature, origins and story.

Choose artisan furniture to update your living room or bedroom with an interesting coffee table, a quirky armchair, or even a beautifully-handcrafted headboard.

Handmade Light Fixtures

High-end, handcrafted lighting fixtures such as chandeliers are on trend. Combining wood, glass, forged iron, recycled materials and LEDs, these unique pieces are great focal points for any room.

Complement minimal design with more intricate and bold artisan looks for your lighting. A beautifully handcrafted chandelier is ideal to bring style to your entryway or living space, and it can work just as well in a bedroom.

Bear in mind that artisan products are one-of-a-kind and require artistry, skills and time invested by the artist behind the creation.

Be prepared to invest more in adding handcrafted finishing touches to your home.

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