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How Paint Can Turn Your House into the Perfect Home

How Paint Can Turn Your House into the Perfect Home

There are few things you can do to make a change in your home that’s easier than simply adding a lick of paint.  You can create the illusion of space and set the tone of the room. Here are some ways you can use paint to change the inside of your home.

Playing it cool

Use colour to create right mood for each room. In the bedroom, using a dark colour creates a feeling of cosiness and comfort. Blue hues and similar colours on the cooler range of the colour spectrum will inspire calmness and relaxation, whereas warmer colours make the room warmer and more vibrant.

White …

Painting a room white is pretty much standard, but there is a reason for this. The colour creates an illusion of space by making the walls seem to recede. Add some natural bright light and you have a seemingly very large room. Try to use light-coloured décor and furniture, using textures and patterns to prevent monotony.

… or bright

For a breath of fresh air, use a striking, bright colour for one wall in a room, making it the accent wall. Pick up this colour throughout the room in your décor, creating a them that runs through the room and connects it as a unit. This quirky way of providing a focal point will liven up the room and create a buzz of energy.

Monochrome magic

By using only one colour for your walls, you soften the lines of the room and thereby make it more difficult to perceive dimension, which makes the room look bigger. The eye is able to move easily around the room. Try to stick to the same colour scheme when it comes to furniture and décor, using subtle differences in hues and textures.

The gloss factor

If you want to make a statement, try using a gloss paint or even lacquering a wall after it’s been painted. This will allow the wall to reflect light, adding space and lessening the effect of dark colours, which tend to absorb light.

Creating a dramatic change in your home, adding a feel of spaciousness and giving each room its own unique character is made easy with paint.

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