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Outdated bathroom trends to avoid in 2019

Outdated bathroom trends to avoid in 2019

Trends are great, but sometimes, what once seemed chic and stylish might start to look old fashioned and dated. Here are five bathroom design and decor trends we think need to go:

Glass block bathroom windows

Although these are undoubtedly functional; offering privacy while still allowing light to filter through, thick glass block window panes have quickly become a marker for tired bathrooms.

Hollywood style bathroom lights

Old school glamour has its limits, and it seems that these Hollywood style bathroom lights are it. Oversized bulbs along the black frames of mirrors might have been perfect for Marilyn Monroe, but for a more modern look, instead, pick simple frames or opt for a bevelled mirror finish.

Overlarge bathtubs

Larger-than-life tubs should be avoided – even if only for the water wastage necessary to use them. Large baths are impractical and use a lot more water than is necessary. Go eco-friendly and opt for a bathtub that is a bit smaller, thereby saving water and space, and keeping your bathrooms look modern.


Very popular for bathrooms and kitchens in the early 2000s, granite bathrooms have become very passé and dated. Dark granite can easily make bathrooms look sombre and heavy, and the pattern can look overly busy in most bathrooms.

Copper and rose-gold metals

This fad was all the rage for a short while; copper and rose-gold fittings reigned supreme, and these metals entered into the spheres of fashion, jewellery and even home trends.  This trend quickly fizzled out, however, proving that not all that glitters is gold. Instead, opt for classic gold or silver fittings to create a style that’s sure to be in fashion for years to come.

No matter the trend advice, choose styles that suit your home and make you happy: sometimes discarding the norms and advice can lead to authentic and enchanting style choices.

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