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No More Closet Space? Five Spots to Store Your Clothes

No More Closet Space? Five Spots to Store Your Clothes

So you’ve run out of closet space? Where to now with your extra shoes, sweaters and shirts? If you’re limited for space, try these home hacks to find a place to store your clothes.

Shelf life

Whether you use a book shelf or floating shelves, this is a great way to store clothes that are simply too pretty to be hidden away in a closet anyway! Think your favourite pair of on-trend killer heels, or a vintage pair of boots. For clothes less show-worthy, try containers such as baskets and bins to hide your clothes in plain sight!

Bed alert

Storing your clothes in drawers under your bed is genius – it’s practical and unobtrusive, plus it uses virtually no extra space you could’ve used for something else. If your bed doesn’t come with drawers, you can simply buy bed-risers at a DIY store and lift your bed to create storage space yourself. Add some containers on wheels and you’re good to go! This is perfect for items such as shoes and handbags you don’t use every day.

Slam trunk

Go old-school and use an antique wooden trunk or vintage travelling trunk to store bulky items such as sweaters and scarves. A trunk can also do extra duty as a piece of decorative furniture and can also be an extra seat!

Show off

Forget about hiding your clothes and wardrobe items – instead, make them part of your décor! Show off your prettiest heels on top of a bookshelf and hang your bright and beautiful coats on a coat stand by the door. Display scarves, handbags and necklaces from hooks on the walls or tuck them behind doors, or even drape them over the backs of chairs.

Curtain call

If you do need to be more discreet with your clothes, use a curtain to hide shelves containing your clothes. Make the curtain part of your décor and have fun with it – just because it is keeping your wardrobe out of sight doesn’t mean it can’t be seen itself!

No matter how much closet space you have, at some point you are going to feel like it isn’t enough. If you simply cannot get rid of some of your clothes (we know the feeling) then use some of these ideas to solve the space problems and find a spot to store your stuff!

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