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The Newcomers’ Guide to Common Area Etiquette

The Newcomers’ Guide to Common Area Etiquette

As modern work and family demands drive lifestyle changes, more people are finding the idea of living in a residential complex attractive. But moving into an environment that requires sharing a common area is new to many, so to make your transition easier we’ve compiled a few guidelines to common area etiquette.

Don’t hog the amenities
If your new complex has amenities like a fitness centre or swimming pool, make sure you give other residents an equal opportunity to use the facilities. If you like using a particular piece of equipment, don’t spend so much time on it that no one else can use it. Consider using it for a little while and switching with someone else who wants to use it.

Keep your area clean
If you’re in a shared space, remember to keep your area clean. Wiping down gym equipment and picking up your papers at the swimming pool, play area or communal garden could inspire other residents to do the same. Always remember to leave any common area in the condition in which you would like to find it.

Watch where you smoke
If you happen to be a smoker, you may want to consider where you do it. If your complex doesn’t have any visible signage up regarding this issue, use your discretion and try not to smoke in areas that are likely to offend non-smoking residents. Also make sure you pick up after yourself and never drop cigarette stubs on the ground.

Wear kid-friendly pool attire
If you are using the communal pool, always wear the appropriate attire. The last thing you would want to do is expose yourself indecently to the children living in the complex.

Mind your manners
Always be courteous around common areas, use appropriate language and avoid cursing. I’m sure you would hate to offend your newfound friends by flexing your foul mouth in front of their children.

Now that you’ve brushed up on the etiquette regarding shared spaces, you can confidently enquire about becoming a part of the Phoenix Villas community, which features a fitness centre and swimming pool, among other things.

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