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New Wallpaper Decorating Rules You Will Love

New Wallpaper Decorating Rules You Will Love

Wallpaper is back and fiercer than ever before. But the rules have changed. Gone are the days of dark hues and big floral prints. Modern wallpapers are lighter and surprisingly versatile.

Here are a few things you may want to try when choosing a wallpaper for your home.

Go for Bold and Realistic Effects

Wallpaper has come a long way since the British Victorian era. Think creative patterns, immersive textures, and digital prints to suit any style and personality.

The latest wallpaper styles are mind-blowing and textured to mimic anything from distressed timber panels and aged bricks to geometric, padded, braided and woven effects.

Think about textures like leather, metallics, marble, wood and glass beading. Imagine photo-real prints like exotic animal skins, and you get the picture.

Decorate your walls with three-dimensional patterns and striking stylised imagery for a modern and impressive take on the classic wallpaper. The more realistic it looks, the better!

Express Your Mood and Personality

Wallpapers add a rich layer of focus and personality to any room. Keep an open mind when choosing wallpaper patterns, colours, and styles.

Be bold or subtle according to the space you want to decorate and the feel you want for the room, not just its scale or size.

Allow your instincts to guide you in making a choice. Think about the mood you want to create to define the style, patterns, and colour choices.

To create a sophisticated and modern look, opt for neutral shades or choose a metallic wallpaper to add glamour to living spaces and bedrooms.

If you want a funky or retro statement, go for bold and bright and geometric shapes in playrooms and family spaces.

Whatever you decide, make sure the choice of wallpaper reflects your preferences and personality.

Think Creatively

Decorating with wallpaper does not need to be boring. On the contrary, forget the old rules. Think out-of-the-box and use wallpaper for an ingenious mix-and-match effect.

Add a striking wallpaper on the bottom or top half of a feature wall or passage and let the contrasting effect speak for itself.

Alternatively, choose a small area to focus on for an unexpected wow factor. Wallpaper as a splashback in your kitchen instead of decorative tiling? Why not!

If in doubt, remember that less is more, and bear in mind that trends are cyclical. Neutral shades are a good bet that will not date easily, unlike the bold geometric shades inspired by the 70s.

Remember that wallpapers make for an easy, effortless update to walls. Do not be afraid to make changes when it suits you. Play with the latest trends and patterns and inject your personal style.

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