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New Home? Have a Look at Single-Storey Properties

New Home? Have a Look at Single-Storey Properties

Single-storey townhouse living has some definite advantages over multi-storey properties that potential property owners seldom consider when looking for a new home.

Below are a few reasons why single-storey townhouses can be an ideal property purchase for your family.

More flexibility. Single-storey townhouses offer more flexibility on one floor with a combined living and dining area and easy access to other rooms. Single-storey townhouses offer a comfortable and cosy atmosphere that suits better some families.

Better energy efficiency. There is no doubt that single-storey homes are cosier and easier to heat than multi-storey homes, meaning more energy efficiency and less money spent on electricity for heating and lighting. Also look out for low-energy lighting, solar panels and gas geysers options.

Increased mobility. Single-storey townhouses are ideal for families with elderly members or young children, as there are no stairs to navigate to second or third floors. The setup allows everyone access to all areas of the home and increases self-sufficiency and comfort for all ages.

Value for money. A single-storey purchase can provide real value for money. These units are often less expensive to build than their multi-storey counterparts. Single-storey homes are also easier to maintain so that the savings will continue well past the purchase price.

Ready to live in a luxury estate? Try one of our upmarket, world-class developments.

Richfield Lifestyle Estate is ideally situated in Accra’s fastest growing Middle to Upper-income community, East Legon Hills/Santeo.

The gated community offers residents several amenities such as 24-hour security, generous landscape spaces, an entertainment centre, a retail centre, and creche.

Richfield Lifestyle Estate offers single-storey townhouse units packed with the latest amenities and a gorgeous, yet functional design for families.

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