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Moving House? Use These Tips Part 2

Moving House? Use These Tips Part 2

Packing up your whole life to move somewhere else is regarded as one of the top 20 most stressful things in life, but if you plan carefully and use the helpful tips of others who have been through it, you should be able to reduce the stressfulness and have a lot more relaxed, stress-free experience.

Here are some more tips on making moving house as stress-free as possible.

Colour coordinate

Choose a colour to allocate to each room in the house and use a coloured sticker to easily identify the boxes from that room as well designate where boxes should be placed by the movers when they get to your new house by marking the relevant rooms with the relevant colours. It’s also a good idea to post a sign indicating where in the room you would want the boxes to be placed to leave space for furniture and make unpacking easier.

Keep it together

When packing things with screws, cords, lightbulbs, etc., use sticky tape or small clear bags to keep these with the appliances and pieces of furniture with which they belong. This will make it easy to reassemble furniture and appliances and well hang pictures, décor and mirrors once you arrive at your new place. In addition, keep a spare parts box in which all items that fell out, were left behind or left to the last minute, e.g. brackets, can be placed so that you can find them easily when needed.

Better safe than sorry

It is safer to rather move valuable items such as jewellery, collections, silverware and antiques yourself. Pack them carefully, using extra towels and bedding, and mark the boxes fragile. If you can’t move them yourself, try not to make it obvious that the boxes contain something valuable. Remember to get insurance for your move – your peace of mind is worth the money. Take pictures of these items before you pack them and make sure all paperwork is in order.

Clean getaway

If you need to clean the house before handing over the keys to the next inhabitants, pack a cleaning kit of basic supplies and leave aside. That way you can always leave it behind if there is no room in the car when you leave for the last time. Try to clean as much as possible beforehand to save time on the day. Vacuum rooms as the movers empty them. If any friends offer to help with the move, ask them to help finish the cleaning while you go ahead and supervise the delivery of your furniture and boxes at your new home.

Let’s be honest – moving is never going to be one of those things you do for fun. But by planning carefully and pacing yourself by doing whatever you can as soon as you can, you eliminate a ton of work on the day itself.

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