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Moving House? Use These Tips Part 1

Moving House? Use These Tips Part 1

Packing up your whole life to move somewhere else is regarded as one of the top 20 most stressful things in life, but if you plan carefully and use the helpful tips of others who have been through it, you should be able to reduce the stressfulness and have a lot more relaxed, stress-free experience.

Make a list

Keep a record of everything you are packing. Make a list and write down which items are packed into which boxes (number the boxes). Be specific when describing the items that you are packing – this will make it easier to find by using this index of yours and, should the worst happen, you have a better description for the insurance company.

Stock up on storage supplies

It’s almost a certainty that you will run out of boxes at some point. Make sure you have extras for last-minute items on moving day. The same goes for packing tape, scissors, labels, magic markers, coloured stickers (we’ll explain later), bubble wrap and newspapers.

Get a headstart

Start packing as early as you can to lessen the load as moving day approaches. Things such as winter/spring clothes that you are currently not wearing can be packed, as well as items you don’t often use – think your grandmother’s tea service, extra cutlery and crockery, your large selection of tools, machinery, handbags, shoes, old toys of the children, books – you don’t use these items every day and most probably won’t need them before you move, so pack away already! Worst case scenario you can use your indexing system to find something should you suddenly need it.

Use your luggage

Fill suitcases and other pieces of luggage with clothing, sheets, blankets, towels and bedding. This makes these essentials easy to find and move yourself, if need be. Plus, luggage is especially made to transport these things, so consider it your specialised moving resources.

Protect your paperwork

Make sure you keep important documents with you during the move; don’t entrust them to anyone else. This includes birth certificates, identity documents, contracts, bank records, realtor info and insurance documents. Also make certified copies of these and leave with a trusted friend or family member, preferably in a safe. These documents can be replaced, but it will be costly and difficult, so rather take precautions.

Let’s be honest – moving is never going to be one of those things you do for fun. But by planning carefully and pacing yourself by doing whatever you can as soon as you can, you eliminate a ton of work on the day itself.

Look out for Part 2 for more tips on making moving house as stress-free as possible.

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