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They Do It with Mirrors: How to Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

They Do It with Mirrors: How to Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

When it comes to interior design effects, mirrors have almost magical properties. They amplify light, break up cluttered spaces, extend illusions of space and seemingly expand walls. They are the perfect tools to make any space look bigger and are versatile to boot.

While using a big mirror against a wall to expand the room and create the illusion of space isn’t exactly a scientific breakthrough, we’ve looked at funky ways to use mirrors to “fabricate” more space. Let’s have a look at places where you can use the optical illusion in interesting ways.

Lighten up the kitchen

Modern kitchens are often filled with appliances with shiny, reflective surfaces. As kitchens may often feel gloomy and adding artificial light might make it even hotter in there, add a mirror behind the stove, as a backsplash or behind your shelves if you have open shelves or farmhouse-style cupboards.

Create a picture wall with mirrors

This concept comes from the original 1980s mirror walls – one wall covered by one solid mirror – but instead of being disorientating, today’s mirror wall is based on a picture wall, where a lot of differently sized frames are hung together to cover the wall. Instead of holiday snaps and family pictures, use mirrors to create a quirky effect.

Do some light reflection

Placing a mirror behind a lamp or candle arrangement works on so many levels: not only does the mirror amplify the light for extra brightness, it also creates an optical illusion of depth, as though the light source is inside a niche the wall.

Rest a floor-length mirror behind a piece of furniture

Make sure that the mirror is the same width as the piece of furniture, or a small bit wider, otherwise it’s just going to look like you shoved it behind the piece of furniture. A good example is a mirror behind the entry table at your front door, for a great first impression when visitors arrive and a last check before you go outside.

Add mirrors to shelf arrangements

Add a small quirky mirror or two to shelf arrangements, e.g. on a book case. The spark of light adds depth and dimension and break up the heaviness and concreteness of the arrangements.

Create a window by reflecting a real window

You get a two-for-one special as the mirror becomes a twin to the window next to it, adding even more natural light and outdoor views.

With some clever use of mirrors, you can add spaciousness to your apartment in no time.

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