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Maximise Your Living Space

Maximise Your Living Space

Want to live large in a small apartment? We have the best hacks for maximising the space in your home.

Open plan

By eliminating the number of inside walls and instead turning rooms into multipurpose rooms, you immediately create more space in your home. Bonus: there will be a lighter, airier feeling throughout the house.

Lofty ideas

If your house has high ceilings, why not build a loft? This loft can be above the lounge or the kitchen, with discreet stairs leading up to it.

Use neglected space

The area under your stairs need not be wasted – build bookshelves or cupboards to use it for storage space.

See through doors

In the kitchen replace solid cupboard doors with translucent ones or ones with glass insets. This will make your kitchen look bigger!

Movable islands

Build an island for your kitchen that can be moved around – leave a space under the kitchen countertop and simply slide back when you’re done cooking.

Retractable drawers

Using retractable door that slide out to store anything from pots, pans, groceries, appliances … you can fit more into a drawer than into a standard cupboard, plus it’s much more convenient.

Window bar

Install a counter in front of a kitchen window – no more need for a kitchen table plus you can have your breakfast with a lovely outside view.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

This won’t take up much floor space – basically you’re just bring the “wall” in – but it creates a huge amount of storage you can use for books, ornaments, storage – whatever you want!

Sliding doors

Instead of the traditional swing-open door, try using sliding doors and walls to eliminate the lost space caused by the swing arc of the door. This will allow you to widen doorways, which also creates the illusion of space.

By using these simple tricks, you can maximise your living space in no time.

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