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How to Make a Small Living Room look Bigger Part 1

How to Make a Small Living Room look Bigger Part 1

Chances are you spend the majority of your waking time at home in the living room – the name kind of says it all. Regardless of the size of your living room, the décor and layout of your furniture can make a lot of difference in how much living space you have.

We all have different styles as well as different needs, so we are taking a look at some design tips and different furniture arrangements you can try out to make the best of your living room and find the perfect balance between space and comfort.

There are certain design and décor principles you should keep foremost in your mind.

Create a focal point

Smaller rooms can feel crowded regardless of the amount of furniture, so you need to rearrange the furniture and use the décor in such a way to “order” the room on a subconscious level. Wallpaper is great for this as it accentuates a wall so that it becomes the focal wall. Add a wall ornament, picture or mirror (a good choice as it reflects light, which creates spaciousness) to further create a focal point and then simply arrange the furniture according to this focal point.

Go green

Plants are another way of adding depth to a room. It softens harsh corners and creates an illusion of more space than there really is. Use plants in corners or between and behind chairs and sofas to soften the edges and create the illusion of a bigger room.

Add height

High ceilings are a godsend to small living rooms. While you might not be able to fit in more furniture, you can make the current arrangement feel roomier by accentuating the height of the ceilings. Draw the eye up with your wall décor, be it a picture wall right to the top of long vertical pieces or colour effects.

Go big

While it might seem contrary to our goal, using one large piece of furniture e.g. a multi-seater couch makes a lot of sense: because it is a single unit, it makes the room less cluttered while providing plenty of seating. Paired with the right complementary furniture such as a sleek slipper chair, it adds dimension to the living room.

Hidden storage

Furniture that doubles as storage can prove invaluable when you have limited space. This doesn’t mean you need to choose practical over pizzazz – a stylish storage ottoman or antique chest works well as a coffee table, while a small sideboard instead of a side table adds style as well as additional storage space.

Built-in storage

Sometimes it’s cleaner and less cluttered to have a storage unit like a wall unit built-in. A floor-to-ceiling unit will still have elongated lines, creating an illusion of height and roominess, and still accommodate all your storage needs.

By choosing your furniture smartly, getting the layout perfect and using your décor wisely you can make any living room look roomier and add an illusion of spaciousness. Our next blog will focus more on what you should use furniture to add space.

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