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Make The Most of Your Move – Part 2

Make The Most of Your Move – Part 2

So you’ve decluttered, sorted and started packing for your big move to Richfield Lifestyle Estate, just as Part 1 suggested, but you’re only halfway to a relatively stress-free experience.

In the second half of this two-part post, we look at the other things you still need to do to lower your stress levels and keep excitement at an all-time high.

Separate valuables
Remember when you were sorting your belongings and stored your important documents in a safe place you would remember? Well now it’s time to pack these documents along with any other valuables like jewellery into the same box, which you will personally transport to your new home if you happen to be using a moving service.

 Notify important parties of your move
A month before you move, you should notify your bank, subscription services, utility companies and employer, among others.

 Take the day off
Your work attendance record may be unblemished for the year, but if there is one time in your life that you will need the day off, it’s moving day; so make sure you make arrangements with your company beforehand.

 Pack your bags
You should finish your general packing one week before you move. Once that’s done, you can start packing suitcases for everyone in the family. Be sure to pack enough clothing for a few days.

 Give your home the once over
Moving day is here and you’ve got everything out of the house. Make sure you do one last sweep of your old home to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

 Wave goodbye
It’s finally over – you can wave goodbye to your old home and let the good news sink in that you’re finally going to be living in your dream home at Richfield Lifestyle Estate!

Now that you can take on any move, why not contact Mobus to find out how you can join the Richfield Lifestyle Estate community – if you haven’t already.

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