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Luxury Real Estate Can be Green

Luxury Real Estate Can be Green

There is a large range of growing luxury real estate markets available. One of the concepts was the lifestyle consideration of owning a luxury green eco-friendly home. One of the most significant trends in the luxury home market is the rise of environmentally friendly homes. Many luxury builders are moving in the direction of sustainability, reflecting the rising market demand and increasing value placed on these kinds of properties. High-end home construction has begun to incorporate energy-efficient measures such as solar power, geo-thermal heating, rainwater collection systems, the use of renewable materials and touch technology to control heat and lighting.

Some of these energy efficient home we offer are:

Richfied Manor:

Based in Accra’s fastest growing Middle to Upper income community, East Legon Hills/Santeo. Prices vary from $120k USD – $300k USD, its status is associated with the MOBUS brand, a bastion of luxury.

Richfield Manor Richfield Manor’s ethos encompasses the credo of the Denkyem “crocodile” as a West African symbol of adaptability – the crocodile lives in the water yet breathes the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances. Life in Richfield Manor encourages adaptability to the environment and the architectural response to the surrounding by the river and to create interactive environmental living space. Richfield Manor – Pristine Luxury Living.

Phoenix Villas:

Phoenix Villas will be located in the heart of East Legon, close to the amenities of the A&C Mall, hospitals and schools. The architectural expression is simple and modern. The development is in two phases. Phase 1 includes a 24 unit residential complex consisting of modern detached houses ranging from 195m² to 264m² each with private gardens.

Phase 2 will consist of a mix of modern detached and semi-detached houses. The scheme is conceptualized as a small neighbourhood, and master planned around generous open spaces and common areas. The intention is to create a tranquil exclusive residential oasis in an urban context. The buildings are broadly laid out around the perimeter, from the gatehouse, to the to the two-storey houses, with a soft central heart for lush gardens. The development will have a modern, fitness centre, crèche, pool and clubhouse. The houses are arranged in a semi-circle around the main common garden and swimming pool, which will be a popular attraction where neighbours meet.

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