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Luxury living in a Small space

Luxury living in a Small space

It is indeed possible to have a good luxury living when you are living in a small space.

London, is one of the world’s most exciting cities. It is a city that is alive 24/7, there is always something to see and do. But it is a costly place to be in, and space is at a premium. A small room can be roughly 2.5m x 2.5m with a closet nook and if you’re working on a limited budget it is important to make the space both functional and fabulous.

Use technology in your designs, whether it’s mechanical or digital, you will soon realise that the world has become a much smaller space since technology began to make such tremendous leaps and bounds and as such we are beginning to learn to live with less. However, this doesn’t take away our desire for luxury living.

Yes, it is possible to have both. One can find a plethora of information and ideas available on the internet. Combine this with green living and we can begin to live a more balanced and holistic life, which is better for us as well as for our environment.

Always look at your space as a 4 dimensional space and not as a 3 dimensional space.
Don’t create rooms, rather create zones. This allows the spaces to morph in and out of each other, which in turn creates a better flow. If you can eliminate walls do so.

Decide on what you don’t need, and can live comfortably without. Here technology helps, as you may be able to still have what you need, but in a condensed format.

Look for furniture that is multifunctional/ like a coffee table that doubles up as a work desk and can fold out into a 6 seater dining table. There are several companies selling furniture just like that on the web.
Finally play with colour. Use a soft colour as your base, then accentuate with bold colour and pattern, or texture. Create feature walls that are focal points that draw your eyes through the space.

Be Bold but never bullish in your design, and your space will evolve with you, and you will create an intimate space that is a true reflection of who you are.

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