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Why Living in a Gated Community is Good for Your Health (Part 2)

Why Living in a Gated Community is Good for Your Health (Part 2)

Gated communities…the picturesque landscape and its accompanying architecture… it’s easy to see why they are lusted after! But there are more benefits to lifestyle estates than just aesthetics.

Social life

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “man is by nature a social animal.” A Forbes article claims that we can mirror each other’s brain activity when we are engaged in storytelling and listening. In addition to this, humans have a social desire to belong.

A lifestyle estate helps us with this social desire – whether it’s greeting your neighbours on your way to work, mingling with other residents at the estate amenities, or watching your kids play in the street with all the other kids on the block, a gated community is just that: a community.


We all know that exercise is good for us, but driving to the gym can dampen your desire to get a fit body, not to mention that public parks and city streets aren’t always the most appealing places to go for a jog!

Not to mention that memberships at tennis clubs are expensive and the city’s public pool isn’t exactly ideal for doing some laps in the pool. Luckily, lifestyle estates offer all these amenities!

Because there is a speed limit and no through-traffic, it’s safe for you and your kids to ride your bicycle bicycles in the street without the fear of being hit by a reckless driver.

Less stress

This is a very ambitious claim to make but hear us out… Picture this: You have just finished a long day. You pick up your kids from after-care when they tell you that the school arranged a fun-day picnic — they need to bring their own snacks, and they’re very sorry, but they forgot to tell you sooner…

Sound familiar? Luckily, one of the perks of lifestyle estates is that they are usually located near places like shops and restaurants, to make the location more appealing to residents. So on your way home you quickly pull up to the nearest shop and buy all the necessities — the nightmare of taking a long, unplanned detour after a long day is eliminated. It gives you more time to unwind at home and not feel like there is yet another responsibility over your head.

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