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Why Living in a Gated Community is Good for Your Health (Part 1)

Why Living in a Gated Community is Good for Your Health (Part 1)

Praised for being a great place to raise a family and for being secure, we are all familiar with the obvious reasons why living in a lifestyle estate is so appealing. But there are other benefits to living in an estate — it might be better for your health!


Ah, good old safety and security… There’s a reason why it’s the second tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!  When we don’t feel safe and secure, our nervous system is under stress (or feels nervous — mind the pun).

Research shows that the lack of safety and security creates stress and this ultimately disturbs our ability to form short-term memories — scary!

The safety of residents is a key objective of gated communities: with secure entrances and other security installations, gated communities keep us safe.

Less pollution

Lifestyle estates are meticulously maintained and kept clean through proper waste management. Because of the controlled perimeter, gated communities only allow specific vehicles to enter.

This helps to reduce air pollution because of low carbon emission. The fact that roads are tarmacked helps to reduce air pollution that would arise from dust particles that fill up the air.

Free of toxic chemicals

Sealants and paints that have a low VOC content help to minimise toxic particles. The use of quality building materials are practised throughout the construction process: from foundations to floors, cabinets to counters, and paints to plants, every care is taken to provide a healthy environment to ensure the well-being of residents.


According to research, being surrounded by nature helps to boost serotonin levels, this means that trees, streams, and plants make us happy and reduce stress.

Lifestyle estates are designed in such a way that it incorporates nature into the lives of residents. According to research, being surrounded by nature improves short-term memory, restores mental health, and reduces stress.

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