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Let’s go Lagos: Things to do in Africa’s largest city

Let’s go Lagos: Things to do in Africa’s largest city

When it comes to Lagos, Nigeria (and Africa’s!) largest city, boredom is the last thing on your mind. Bustling, busy and business-focused; this is a city to watch.

1. Lekki Conservation centre

This tranquil and tropical park offers guests a bit of respite from the chaos of the city. Don’t miss out on the longest canopy walk in Africa, here in the park.

2. Freedom park

Located in downtown Lagos, Freedom park is a multi-functional cultural hub, based on a colonial prison ground. The park is a go-to spot for arts, culture and recreation and boasts a gallery, museum, and food court. The site frequently hosts recreational evens, including Black history month commemorations and the Eko theatre festival.

3. Lekki market

The Lekki arts and crafts market is tucked away, difficult to find unless you know where to look. Organised and charismatic, this is the perfect market for anyone looking for arts and crafts items. Each piece on sale comes from a different part of Nigeria, and you can find furniture, bowls, necklaces, sculptures and much more

4. Tarkwa bay beach

Spend a day at the beach at Tarkwa bay. This idyllic beach is located on an island and can only be reached by boat or ferry. Relax at one of the luxury resorts or simply take in the beach at your own speed.

5. Discover the nightlife

Nigerians love a good party, and the nightlife in Lagos is the perfect example of that. Expect fantastic music, large crowds and insatiable spirit. As with everything in Lagos, watch your back and be cautious, but above all, enjoy the vibe!

With a gritty, ambitious energy that pervades the city, the energy and spirit of Lagos is captivating.

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