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The Key Elements of Home Office Design

The Key Elements of Home Office Design

Having an office at home creates an ideal space for creativity and productivity while maintaining a more relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

Your home office needn’t be the sofa. Define your workspace, start with the basic furniture items: desk, chair, and storage shelving, an add-on from there.

The Perfect Desk

Office furniture needs to be both beautiful and functional. The desk is the anchor piece of the whole office look. Ensure that it makes a statement that represents you and your work.

As for style, choose contemporary designs that will stand the test of time. A classic home office setup can benefit from modern pieces. A natural wooden desk, minimalistic comfort, or a floating desk that takes up less space are on trend.

The Iconic Office Chair

Ergonomics are key. Comfort and use are more important in this case than style. Choose the best pairing of comfort, functionality and design. The chair needs to support your back and height, with adjustable armrest and a twilt-and-swivel mechanism.

However, the chair should still complement your office look. Go for the best style you can afford. A favourite iconic design such as an Eames office chair is always a winner.

The Efficient Storage

Your home office should have space for stationery items, books, documents, and the things that you want to be surrounded with while working.  However, less is more.

Consider replacing big cumbersome storage units with floating shelves mounted on the wall to save space and create a clean, modern look. Use glass jars and decorative boxes or paper bags to store stationery items and keep your office clutter-free.

Once you get the basics right, consider multi-purpose electric wall sockets, plug extensions for your electronics, or simply opt for wireless electronics to reduce limitations on your furniture arrangements.

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