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How to Keep your Apartment Pest Free

How to Keep your Apartment Pest Free

Apartment living has many benefits and we’ve covered a few in some of our blogs but there are a few things that can make apartment living a little challenging. Pest control is one of life’s little annoyances that have plagued apartment dwellers forever.

No matter how clean you may be, you always run the risk of sharing your apartment complex with people who may not hold the same hygienic standards you do and this almost always encourages some uninvited guests to take up residence with everyone in the complex. So how can you protect your home?

You may not be able to keep pests from entering your home but you can make it uninhabitable with a few of these tips.

Keep it clean
This one is quite obvious but part of making your home unappealing to bugs and any other pests roaming around is by keeping it clean. Don’t let dishes stand in the sink, clean out your fridge regularly, keep food in airtight containers and clean any areas used to prep food thoroughly. Vacuum, sweep and mop areas of the home that are not always exposed, like behind cabinets and couches. Insects love to lay eggs in these dark, “peaceful” places so try and disrupt them as often as you can.

Dry up
Did you know that cockroaches can survive for weeks without eating but they need to find sources of water regularly? The reality is that many insects thrive in wet or damp environments. Which means you have to eliminate these elements form your home. Make sure you never leave water standing in your bath tub or sink and always open the windows and your bathroom door after you shower. It’s also important that you repair any leaking pipes or taps, especially those housed in cabinets.

One of the best ways to keep your home pest free is to keep only what you need. Storing excess junk like piles of paper or magazines for example creates a lovely environment for unwelcome pests like cockroaches to live. Give old clothes away to charity to avoid them becoming a snack for moths and silverfish.

These simple tips will help keep your home free of the pests roaming your apartment complex.

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