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The Interior Deco Trends Making a Comeback in 2019

The Interior Deco Trends Making a Comeback in 2019

Back by popular demand, these décor trends are making a comeback – and it’s easy to see why!

Statement Ceilings

Look, we are not saying you need to find the next Michelangelo and paint your version of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (although, if that is what you’re into, go ahead and share the results!).

From wallpaper to coffered ceilings and colourful paints, this is a great way to take your home’s interior to new heights.


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Ah, wallpaper! It’s no longer reserved for your grandmother’s house, the kitchen from That 70’s Show, or a dodgy motel room in an American TV series. Now it can be spiced up and used creatively in your house!


We especially love these designs by Indian wallpaper designer Krsnaa Mehtaon.

the tiger_s palace

The Tiger’s Palace by Krsnaa Mehtaon (Source: Instagram)

(NOTE: Please include as is with hyperlinks, when I asked the artist for permission to use the image, I told him that I’d give him credit).

wallpaper with lamp

Wallpaper by Krsnaa Mehtaon (Source: Instagram)

wallpaper with palm trees

Art Deco

Art deco ruled the design world in the 1920s (think Great Gatsby and the Chrysler building in New York) and is remembered mostly for its love of geometric shapes.


Photo by Anne Sage Photography


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Photo by Anne Sage



Yes, you read that right! Velvet, first made popular way back in the 14th century, is another massive trend to look out for. From curtains to furniture upholstering, we can’t get enough of it!



It all started in ancient Egypt, was popularised by rich 15th century Venetians, and became a global hit in the 1920s, where the art deco movement reigned supreme.

Insert Terrazzo image here

Source: Two At Symphony on Instagram


terrazzo bathroom

Source: Yaroslav Priadka on Instagram


Abstract Art

Whether you are a Picasso or a Mondrian fan, the art lover in you will love this trend! Not as stuffy as a renaissance of the.. well… Renaissance, this trend can add a playful touch to your interior without looking tacky. Whether it’s a Mondrian inspired cupboard or a Picasso-vibe, you can show off your classy side and still be playful.



Rugs as Wall Art

Rugs and tapestries as wall art…it’s no longer just reserved for a Persian prince of a fabled land! This trend will give your home that next-level class ambience.


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